We Happy Few – Guide On How To Cure Food Poisoning

We Happy Few

Developer Compulsion Games and Publisher Gearbox Publishing have released a new game tiled We Happy Few. it is an open world psychological horror survival game where players must hide, survive and fight out of the delusional world.

In the game, players will be able to experience the story from the eye of three troubled characters. each of them has a unique storyline and the world around them will react to your decisions. you will also be able to craft new weapons, tools, and other useful devices.

Guide On How To Cure Food Poisoning In We Happy Few

In the game, you are one of Downers, the people who have realized the trick of the authorities who keep the town drugged up that make everyone delusional.

As you are a Downer, the authorities see you as a threat and will do anything to catch you. so you will need to survive on the island at all cost which means taking risks which can cost your life.

Throughout your survival you will need food to keep up your health. but there will be occasions where you can only get dirty and rotten foods and you will have no choice but to eat it. this will cause food poisoning and will affect the character’s health and abilities.

You would not want to be sick when the town authorities are looking for you. so you will need to cure it as soon as you can. below you will a way to get rid of food poisoning.

How To Cure Food Poisoning in We Happy Few – to cure food poisoning you will need to drink Sick Up tea. it is a specially brewed tea which is made up of two main ingredients Night Blooming Nonsuch flowers and Charcoal. furthermore, you will also need to an empty pill bottle.

To get Night Blooming Nonsuch flowers you will need to search the surroundings you will find them in plenty throughout Barrow Holm. as the name suggest the flower blooms at night time. so search for them at night time and you will find them easily.

To get Charcoal you will need to search for it in campfires, fireplaces and other in areas which require fire.

Finally, you will need the empty pill bottle which you can find easily by searching for it in different houses.

Once you get the three required items, go to the crafting menu and you will find the recipe. craft the Sick Up Tea and drink it, this will force your character to vomit and cure the food poisoning and will also return your characters normal capabilities.

The best strategy to manage food poisoning is to always have Sick Up Tea in your inventory. if you don’t find fresh food just eat the rotten foods and immediately drink the Sick Up Tea to negate the food poisoning.

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