Overcooked 2 – Guide On How To Unlock All Different Chefs

Overcooked 2

Developer Ghost Town Games Ltd., Team17 Digital Ltd, and Publisher Team17 Digital Ltd have released their new game titled Overcooked 2. it is an indie action adventure multiplayer game and the sequel to the original Overcooked where players are tasked to cook difficult meals in tight schedules.

In Overcooked 2, you will journey back to the Onion Kingdom and assemble a team of master chefs to stave off the hunger of The Unbread across many different worlds and save the kingdom once again from the evil.

Guide On How To Unlock All Different Chefs In Overcooked 2

In the game, players need to complete different types of meals, they need to cook it perfectly and serve them to the customers.

To make these dishes you will need to use the Chefs. there are many chefs each having different appearances but the working capability of each of them are the same.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a small number of chefs. if you want to get more different chefs then you will need to complete certain levels. below you will find a list of all chefs you can unlock and the level that you need to play.

  • World 1-2 – Unlock Human Chefs
  • World 1-5 – Unlock Cat Chef
  • World 1 Special – Unlock Human Chef
  • World 2-1 – Unlock Human Chef
  • World 2-4 – Unlock Human Chef
  • World 3-1 – Unlock Human Chef
  • World 3-3 – Unlock Raccoon Chef
  • World 3-5 – Unlock Crocodile Chef
  • World 4-2 – Unlock Octopus Chef
  • World 4-4 – Unlock Human Chef
  • World 4-6 – Unlock Human Chef
  • World 5-2 – Unlock Eagle Chef
  • World 5-5 – Unlock Cat Chef
  • World 6-2 – Unlock Squirrel Chef
  • World 6-5 – Unlock Robot Chef
  • Kevin 3 – Unlock Human Chef
  • Kevin 5 – Unlock Beaver Chef
  • Kevin 7 –  Unlock Alien Chef

If you have Preorder the game then you will receive five free chefs

  • A Cat Chef
  • A Cow Chef
  • An Alien Chef
  • A Walrus Chef
  • A Monkey Chef

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