La Mulana 2 – Guide On Locations Of All Four Sigil And Get The Flail Whip

La Mulana 2

Developer NIGORO and Publisher AGM PLAYISM have released their new game titled La Mulana 2. it is an indie action adventure Metroidvania game where players play as Lumisa Kosugi who is on a mission to fight against the monsters roaming in the ancient ruins.

In the game, players will be able to get new weapons, gather clues and solve puzzles and fight over 200 different monsters and other bosses. throughout the journey, Lumisa’s trusty wipe would be with her. so you should know how to make it more powerful.

Guide On Locations Of All Four Sigil And Get The Flail Whip In La Mulana 2

In La Mulana 2, players will be able to unlock a lot of different weapons and items and the best part is that you will be able to upgrade them and it more powerful and effective against stronger enemies.

The Whip is one of the weapons which you can upgrade in the game. the first upgrade is the chain whip which is located in the Immortal Battlefield. the second upgrade is called the Flail Whip and in this guide, you will learn how to obtain it.

To get the Flail Whip upgrade you will need four sigils and those are the Origin Sigil, the Birth Sigil, the Life Sigil, and the Death Sigil. when you unlock a sigil you will be able to destroy a similar one located in Valhalla.

Locations Of All the Four Sigil

The Origin Sigil – to get this sigil travel to Divine Fortress and defeat the Hugin and Nunin sub-boss.

The Birth Sigil – to get this sigil, go to Shrine of the Frost Giants. once you reach there, you will need to head right and go under the room with the thick white snow. you will have to place all seven weights on the switches to break the ceiling.

After breaking it drop through the ceiling and pass through the snow. remember you will be only able to pass through the snow if you have fallen from a good height. once you pass the snow unlock the chest.

The Life Sigil – to get this sigil, go to Icefire Treetop and then travel towards top-left corner of the map. there you will find the chest and the birth sigil in the room. destroy the sigil to unlock the chest.

The Death Sigil – to get this sigil, go to the Underworld but to reach it you will need the Bronze Mirror in the Guidance Gate which can be found in the original La-Mulana Ruins. once you get the bronze mirror you will be able to use the one-way entrance through the Blood Corridor and enter the underworld.

In the underworld, you will face Ajisukitakahikone who is pretty hard for a sub-boss. it is recommended to use Mjolnir against it. once you defeat the sub-boss destroy the life sigil and unlock the chest.

Location Of Flail Whip Upgrade

To get the upgrade you will need to travel to Valhalla. once you reach it head towards the room near the Blood Corridor door. the room will contain the four sigils. if you have successfully destroyed them you will find the Flail Whip.

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