Dead Cells – Guide On Location Of Keys And Cash In Promenade

Dead Cells

Developer and Publisher Motion Twin has released their new game titled Dead Cells from steam early access. it is an indie 2D roguelike platformer game where players play in a Metroidvania world filled with different types of enemies.

In Dead Cells, players will have to go through an ever-changing castle and fight past the keepers. you will be able to experience 13 different nonlinear levels, get 4 special powers and obtain more than 90 weapons and skills and ultimately fight against 4 Mega bosses.

Guide On Location Of Keys And Cash In Promenade In Dead Cells

In the game, players will be able to find many new weapons, items, runes and more. by using them you will be able to progress through them. these new abilities will also help you get to the secret locations.

So in this guide, you will find the hidden secrets which will give you different rewards. to get this secret you will need the spider runes to reach the new area and Belier/smash rune to break stuff.

Gardener’s Key – in Promenade you will find three locked doors which can be opened by three different keys. once you unlock all three door you will find a chest and from it, you will receive a bow but if you have already collected the bow then you will receive cash. below you will find the location of all the keys.

Key #1 – head to the tall tower and go inside, once inside use the spider rune to climb and reach the top of the tower and you will find the key.

Key #2 – In promenade look for a breakable floor and then destroy it using the Belier’s Rune. you will find an underground small area go there and you will find the key.

Key #3 – on the upper level of the map look for a flower on the ground. once you find it ground stomp it until the key comes out of the ground.

Cash #1 – to get this cash ride the elevator up at the top-right corner of the zone. once you reach there, drop off from the left ledge and you will arrive at the secret cash.

Cash #2 – to get this cash go to the top of the elevator by using the spider rune. you will need to climb the cliff and you will receive the cash.

Cash #3 – you can find this cash directly above the entrance of the zone.

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