La Mulana 2 – Guide On App Combinations And What They Do

La Mulana 2

Developer NIGORO and Publisher AGM PLAYISM have released their new game titled La Mulana 2. it is an indie action adventure Metroidvania game where players play as Lumisa Kosugi who is on a mission to discover the rise of monsters in the ancient ruins.

In the game, players will be able to get new weapons, gather clues and solve puzzles and fight over 200 different monsters and other bosses. but if you want to increase your power you will need to obtain more than just powerful weapons.

Guide On App Combinations And What They Do In La Mulana 2

In La  Mulana 2, players will be able to use many weapons, items and gadgets to make their gameplay more fun and easy.

One of those gadgets is called the “Mobile Super X3” and comes with over 20 apps which if used correctly in certain combinations can create and give useful buffs. this can be very useful in various points of the game.

Below you will find a list of Useful App Combinations

  • Death Village + Lonely House-moving – gives more I-frames after taking damage.
  • Enga Musica + Beo Eg-Mulana – gives a full music player.
  • La-Mulana + Lonely House-moving – gives an improved whip
  • La-Mulana 2 + Mekuri Master – gives half environmental damage
  • La-Mulana + La-Mulana 2 – gives double XP from orbs.
  • La-Mulana + La-Mulana 2 + Rose & Camellia – creates a wind hitbox around Lumisa when she gets damaged.
  • Lonely House-moving + Rose & Camellia – it revives the character from death and restores 32 health. the ability resets on second death and game reset.
  • Rose & Camellia + Mekuri Master – gives improved blades.
  • Yagoo Map Reader + Yagoo Map Street – gives player Fully detailed map
  • Yagoo Map Reader + Yagoo Map Street + La-Mulana 2 – reveals hidden rooms on the map.
  • Miracle Witch + Bounce Shot – it will always give attack fairy
  • Miracle Witch + Death Village – increases the duration of hot spring effects.
  • Miracle Witch + Future Development Company – Enable development room in Icefire Treetop D-4
  • Miracle Witch + Mekuri Master – it will always give key fairy.
  • Miracle Witch + Space Capstar II – it will always give item fairy.

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