Dead Cells – Guide On How To Get All The Runes Easily

Dead Cells

Developer and Publisher Motion Twin has released their new game titled Dead Cells from steam early access. it is an indie 2D roguelike platformer game where players play in a Metroidvania world filled with different types of enemies.

In Dead Cells, players will be able to experience 13 different nonlinear levels, get more than 90 weapons and skills, 4 Special powers and 4 Mega bosses.

Guide On How To Get All The Runes Easily In Dead Cells

In the game, players will be able to unlock many different items which will help you fight different enemies and reach new areas.

The runes are some of the important items which players can unlock in the game. these runes give your character permanent upgrades like teleportation, breaking wall and more.

Below you will find the list of all the runes you can unlock. to get them you will need to defeat different monsters which are quite tough.

Vine Rune

The vine rune unlocks a new ability which sprouts vines from green blobs present across the map. to get this follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to the Promenade of the Condemned.
  • To reach Promenade just leave the spawn area and the second area will be the location.
  • In Promenade you need to defeat the undead archer and get the rune.
Teleportation Rune

The Teleportation rune lets your character teleport from one coffin to another which lets you reach new levels. to get this rune, follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to the Toxic Sewers
  • To reach Toxic Sewers, go to prisoner’s cell and use the Vine Rune on the entrance of the Toxic Sewers which looks like a pile of goo.
  • Once you reach Toxic Sewers look for a switch-operated door under it there is a room.
  • There you need to defeat a monster and get the rune.
Belier/Ram Rune

The Belier rune also known as the ram rune is used to break weak floors. these floors are usually marked with a yellow sign. to get this rune,  follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to Ossuary
  • To reach Ossuary, first leave the prisoner’s cell and head to Promenade of the Condemned. from there use the teleportation rune on the coffin to reach Ossuary.
  • Once there find a door that can only be opened by breaking the weak ground. the rune is behind that room.
  • Finally, defeat the Elite monster in the Ossuary.
Spider Rune

The spider rune lets you stick to walls which will help you cross and reach certain areas. to get this rune, follow the steps below.

  • You need to reach Slumbering Sanctuary but to reach there you will need to go through insufferable Crypt.
  • To reach Insufferable Crypt, first, go to Vine Rune entrance and then go down into the Old sewers. use the ram rune to break the floor in the Old Sewers and proceed and eventually you will reach the Crypt.
  • In the Insufferable Crypt, you will face the Watcher Boss. you need to defeat it.
  • Once you defeat Watcher go to Slumbering Sanctuary and defeat the monster to receive the rune.
Challenger Rune

The challenger rune gives you the ability to open the daily run door in the Prisoner’s Cells. to get this rune, follow the steps.

  • Go back to The Black Bridge.
  • Defeat the Incomplete one and get the rune.

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