This Is The Police 2 – Guide To Solutions Of All Investigations

This Is The Police 2

Developer Weappy Studio and Publisher THQ Nordic have released their new game titled This Is The Police 2. it an indie adventure strategy game and is the second installment where players play as Head of the police department.

In This Is The Police 2 players will have to run the sheriff’s department, hire and manage cops, get into tactical combat cases, investigate and interrogate new cases, and make difficult decisions to keep everyone safe.

Guide To Solutions Of All Investigations In This Is The Police 2

In the game, players will face many different cases in some they have to encounter hostile situations, in some, they have to interrogate suspects and in some, they have to investigate to solve a case.

But investigations are no cake walk most of them are challenging and there is always a possibility that if you get wrong clues you may frame an innocent person which as a police officer you should avoid at all cost.

So below you will find a list of all the investigations and their solution. each case has the clue sequences correctly which will help you catch the culprit in This Is The Police 2

The Secret of the Heaping Pile
  • Funeral Home Director throws a brick through the morgue window.
  • Director then climbs through the broken window.
  • He then drags the generator to the exit of the morgue.
  • He then puts the generator in a Hearse
  • And finally the Hearse leaves
The Mysterious Murder of Britt Carter
  • An armed man in a red tie orders Britt Carter into the van.
  • A man in a red tie beats and kicks Britt Carter.
  • Britt Carter and a man in a red tie exit the van.
  • Britt Carter swings his cane at a man in a red tie but gets himself punched in the face.
  • Britt Carter stands with the noose around his neck, praying.
The Riddle of the Rusty Nail
  • The envious neighbor climbs over the fence near the chicken coop.
  • The envious neighbor opens the latch on the door of the coop.
  • The envious neighbor grabs a black chicken by its legs.
  • Bill Buckler, with a hunting gun, takes aim at the coop.
  • The envious neighbor runs away under Bill Buckler’s gunfire.
The Secret of the Sole Surviving Bottle
  • A pickup flies through the front window of the store.
  • A female teetotaler exits the pickup there.
  • A female teetotaler with a bat is smashing the bottles on the shelves.
  • A female teetotaler pours a bottle of Armagnac on the sales clerk.
  • The pickup truck leaves.
The Mystery of the Missing Corpse
  • The troublemaker opens the door to the morgue with a key.
  • The troublemaker opens the freezer where Alan Cross’ body is being kept.
  • The troublemaker rolls Alan Cross’ body out on a morgue gurney.
  • The troublemaker puts the body of Alan Cross in the back seat of her sedan.
  • The sedan leaves.
The Riddle of the Wasted Cigarettes
  • A fire truck is catching up with the cargo truck.
  • The fire truck pushes the cargo truck off the road.
  • A man emerges from the fire truck and readies a hose.
  • A man blasts the cartons of cigarettes with the fire hose.
  • A fire truck pulls away from the crime scene.
The Secret of the Forbidden Flesh
  • Bob Finnegan and Ruth Finnegan quarrel over vegetable soup.
  • Ruth Finnegan approaches Bob with a kitchen knife in her hand.
  • Ruth Finnegan cuts Bob’s throat with a knife
  • Ruth Finnegan carves Bob’s Corpse with a cleaver.
  • Ruth Finnegan enters the Northstar grocery store carrying a garbage bag.
The Secret of The Pink Chewing Gum
  • Schoolboy Tommy Moore and his friends are sitting on the floor and watching a movie.
  • Tommy Moore goes with his backpack to the toilet.
  • Tommy Moore quietly sneaks out of the toilet.
  • Tommy Moore puts the video player in his backpack.
  • Tommy Moore along with the other boys leaves Elmer’s House.
The Riddle of the Purloined Data
  • A convertible approaches the rear entrance of the hospital.
  • The owner of the convertible climbs through the bars of the window and overturns the flower pot.
  • The owner of the convertible takes the computer from the office.
  • The owner of the convertible puts the computer into the convertible.
  • The convertible leaves.
The Riddle of the Screaming Tires
  • The blue van drives to the car wash.
  • The driver jumps out of the van.
  • The driver points a revolver at Tina Groismann
  • The driver pushes Tina Groismann into the van.
  • The blue van pulls away.
Night Terrors on the Ward
  • Micheal Sandman sits on his bed; yelling at the top of his lungs.
  • The nurse enters the room where Micheal Sandman is screaming.
  • The nurse approaches Micheal Sandman’s bed.
  • The nurse hits Micheal Sandman in the face with her book.
  • The nurse smoothers Micheal Sandman with a pillow.
The Mystery of the Evening Jog
  • A long-haired guy sneaks up to Eli Oliverson.
  • Eli Oliverson notices the long-haired guy and tries to escape.
  • A long-haired guy throws Eli Oliverson on the ground.
  • A long-haired guy hits Eli Oliverson in the face with brass knuckles.
  • A long-haired guy urinates on Eli Oliverson.
The Secret of the Burning Barrel
  • The farmer approaches the shed on his tractor.
  • The farmer looks at the door with the bolt.
  • The farmer pours gasoline over the shed.
  • The farmer lights a molotov cocktail.
  • The farmer throws a molotov cocktail at the side of the shed.
Bloody Dominoes
  • A jeep drives into the park.
  • A man in a jeep unpacks a machine gun.
  • The old men turn over the table to hide from the man in the jeep’s gunfire.
  • A man in a jeep fires at the inverted table behind which the old men are hiding.
  • A man in a jeep fires a grenade into the elderly’s hiding place.
The Curse of the Family Portrait
  • Lionel Cripps takes a long focus lens off his camera.
  • Lionel Cripps goes to the car with a lens in his hands.
  • Lionel Cripps bends down to get something from the back seat of his car.
  • Lionel Cripps takes out a white long focus lens.
  • A man with a rifle aims right at Lionel Cripps’s face.

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