This Is The Police 2 – Guide On List Of All The False Alarm

This Is The Police 2

Developer Weappy Studio and Publisher THQ Nordic have released their new game titled This Is The Police 2. it an indie adventure strategy game and is the second installment where players play as Head of the police department.

In This Is The Police 2 players will have to run the sheriff’s department, hire and manage cops, investigate new cases, get into tactical combat cases and make difficult decisions to keep everyone safe in this story-driven game.

Guide On List Of All The False Alarm In This Is The Police 2

In the game, as a police officer, you will be tasked with catching criminals, solving mystery case, interrogating suspects and more.

Just like the real world some of the cases you encounter throughout your gameplay would be false. although these are just false reports it still forces you to send a team which is a waste of time and resources. below you will find a list of all false cases. note one thing the list is incomplete and more will be added once we know about them.

November 26 Attempted Murder Case (5-26) – the child was just playing with a toy gun which was mistaken to be a real gun.

November 29 Abduction Case (5-27) – the girl was not kidnapped as the family reported, in this case, is from Kazakh and Bride Stealing is a traditional custom for the new weddings.

November 29 Assault Case (5-30) – it is was reported that Mrs. Cranters’ friend was assaulted. but it was false as her friend was talking loudly and her husband was watching a hockey game. the interference made him angry and he tore the telephone cable out of the wall.

November 30 Mass Riot (5-21) – the crowd is reported for rioting but is was false. the crowd is of postal customers who were a little angry because the line was moving slowly and because of a large number of people most of them had to stand outside in cold.

November 30 Prostitution (5-42) – a girl was reported to be a prostitute but it was false. she is the priest’s daughter who likes to wear short skirts.

November 30 Trespassing In A Dead House (5-50) – it was a false alarm as a corpse had been placed on a rusty stretcher. due to the weight, the stretcher broke and made a noise which scared other people.

November 30 Robbery In Bank (5-52) – the bank was celebrating the bank manager’s birthday with some heavy rock music.

November 30 Illegal Arms (5-68) – a man was falsy reported as an illegal arms seller. but he was actually a toy gun seller.

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