Chasm – How To Defeat Bosses And Get Secret Boss Items


Developer and Publisher Bit Kid, Inc. has released their new game titled Chasm. it is an indie action adventure Metroidvania game where players play as a new recruit for the Guildean Kingdom and you are tasked to track down strange rumors which are troubling the kingdom.

In Chasm players, can explore many big procedurally-assembled areas and fight massive bosses. you will be able to customize your character with new items, weapons and abilities and more. but there are some items which are pretty hard to unlock.

How To Defeat Bosses And Get Secret Boss Items In Chasm

Throughout the gameplay, players will be able to unlock new weapons, armors, items, potions and more which can help you progress through difficult parts of the game. but there are some items which can only be unlocked if you complete certain requirements.

The Secret Items Drop are some locked items which can only be obtained when you defeat a certain boss without taking any damage. yup you read it right you need to take zero damage against a boss and if you do it you will get some very useful items.

Below you will find the list of all the bosses which drop the secret items. all of them are arranged alphabetically.

Bone Worm
  • Location – Catacombs
  • Level – 15
  • HP – 688
  • Exp – 1500
  • Secret Item – Bone Worm Armor
  • How To Defeat It – Bone armor is good at melee weapons but if you have long range weapon then you can use it to easily win against this boss.
King Trell
  • Location – In Keep
  • Level – 29
  • HP – 1540
  • Exp – 3000
  • Secret Item – Trell’s Sword
  • How To Defeat It – King Trell does not have many attack patterns. all you need to do is keep him in the middle of the room so whenever he releases his light attack you will be able to dodge it. apart from this attack rest are pretty easy to dodge.
  • Location – Temple
  • Level – 37
  • HP – 1880
  • Exp – 4000
  • Secret Item – Shaman’s Axe
  • How To Defeat It – as the name suggest Shaman is a mage and fights with long-range attacks. so you will need to keep jumping and dodging his attacks. melee weapons are strong against him.
  • Location – Garden
  • Level – 22
  • HP – 1200
  • Exp – 2000
  • Secret Item – Titan’s Hammer
  • How To Defeat It – dealing with the titan without taking any damage can be difficult as it attacks with a lot of range attacks. the best way to defeat it is by dodging every attack and chipping away a small amount of HP whenever you get a chance to attack it.
  • Location – Mines
  • Level – 8
  • HP – 520
  • Exp – 1000
  • Secret Item – Wendingo Claw
  • How To Defeat it – Wait for it eyes to appear and then dodge to avoid its claw attack also whenever it growls and shakes stay back and wait to charge and then jump to avoid damage. use fast heavy damage attack to defeat it quickly.

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