Yakuza 0 – Guide On How To Farm Money Easily And Fast

Yakuza 0

Developer and Publisher SEGA has finally released their popular game titled Yakuza 0 on PC. it is an action adventure story rich game where players play as Yakuza Kiryu and Majima who are fighting in the dark underworld of Tokyo and Osaka.

In Yakuza 0, players will be able use the most iconic Yakuza and switch between three different fighting styles. but fighting alone won’t solve everything for some tasks you will need the power of money.

Guide On How To Earn Money Easily And Fast In Yakuza 0

In the game, you will be able to earn money through completing missions, brawls and more. then you can use the money to buy new weapons, items and more.

So in this guide, you will find a simple trick which will let you earn unlimited money and fill up your bank. this method is easy to execute and can earn you tons of money. so do it step by step as it is mentioned.

First, go to the CP Shrine and there you will find two Shakedown upgrades for Kiryu. get the Shakedown’s Deep Pockets. you can do this by going to Battle tab> Mr. Shakedown’s Deep Pockets. you will need 50 CP to get it.

Then obtain money from the Real Estate Royale and buy the knives and taurniers. this will be useful and it will come in handy.

Then use your Encounter Finder to find Mr. Shakedown you will be able to see him as a big purple arrow on the map. once you find him fight him and let him beat you. this way you will lose the fight and you will also lose money.

Now comes the part to earn money. after getting defeated find him again using the encounter finder and this time beat him. use heat moves continuously on him to increase your chance of winning.

When you win you will receive 1.5X the money you lost to him which mean if you lost 5 billion to him you will receive 7.5 billion. the reason you are getting 1.5X money back is due to the upgrade you received from the shrine. you can repeat the whole step again and again to earn money.

Just Note one thing the above method does not work on Majima. but fortunately, you will be able to transfer money between Kiryu and Majima in Chapter 17/Epilogue by using Mr. Moneybags.

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