This Is The Police 2 – Guide, Tips, And Tricks For Beginners

This Is The Police 2

Developer Weappy Studio and Publisher THQ Nordic have released their new game titled This Is The Police 2. it an indie adventure strategy game and is the second installment where players play as Head of the police department.

In This Is The Police 2 players will have to run the sheriff’s department, hire and manage cops, investigate, interrogate criminals and make tough decisions to keep everyone safe. to make your play through a bit easier below you will find a list of tips and tricks.

Guide, Tips, And Tricks For Beginners In This Is The Police 2

Carefully plan Shifts – your subordinates are police member but they also have normal human behavior. so if you pair wrong officers with each other then one of them can refuse to work and it will ruin your schedule. so always look for compatibility between officers.

Take Proper Care Of Your Team – in most cases, police officers will be loyal to you but it will decrease over time if you start mistreating them. for example, if you regularly deny an officer holiday then it will lead to a decrease in loyalty and in a tactical mission that officer may refuse to follow your basic order.

Assign Equipment To Your Police Officers – always remember to assign equipment to every officer before the beginning of the shift or you can use the option which assigns equipment manually each officer. if you forget to hand equipment then many solutions to the cases will become unavailable.

Level Up Your Officers – with every 50 exp earned you will get 1 skill point which you can use on your officers to increase one of their five attributes. the best strategy to use point is to max one particular attributes of each officer but they should be different on all of them. this will increase your chance of successfully completing missions.

Always Remember To Use The Chips – The chips you earn do not cumulate so always spend them every day. the best way to you use them is by buying more policemen the larger your police force the more easier will be your life.

Send a Large Number Of Low Skilled Officers – if you don’t have skilled officers at a given moment. then send a large team of low skilled officers. this way they will be able to gain XP points and it will also increase the chance of successfully completing a case.

Try To Arrest People In Tactical Assualt –  In Tactical Assualt cases you will face hostile situations where you might have to kill the criminals but if you are able to arrest people without killing then it would significantly increase the number of Chips you earn.

Create a Tactical Assault Team With High-Level Officers – you should never include low-level officers in tactical assault cases. they will completely ruin the case and may even cause death. you should also avoid officers who are not loyal and the officers who don’t have stealth as this can cause issues during operations.

Avoid Getting Hit – one of your officers will eventually get shot by a criminal but that does not mean you should not take precautions. remember if an officer gets shot he will die in the next few turns if he does not get help. so keep them safe.

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