La Mulana 2 – Guide On Roots of Yggdrasil Health, Guardian Key And More

La Mulana 2

Developer NIGORO and Publisher AGM PLAYISM have released their new game titled La Mulana 2. it is an indie action adventure Metroidvania game where players play as Lumisa Kosugi who is on a mission to discover the secrets of monsters in the ancient ruins.

In the game, players will be able to gather clues and solve puzzles, get new weapons, health upgrades and more. to make your life easier below you will find the locations of important items, upgrades, and bosses for The Roots Of Yggdrasil level.

Guide On Roots of Yggdrasil Health, Guardian Key And More In La Mulana 2

The Roots Of Yggdrasil is the first level which you will encounter in the game. it isn’t hard but can get frustrating if you don’t know what to do here.

Just like the previous game the second edition also has many different traps, puzzles, bosses, upgrades, and secrets which players can discover. but sometimes players may miss them so in this guide you will know about all the important things present in the first level.

How To Unlock First Door – this is the first mini puzzle which might confuse some players. if you are stuck here just stand on the platform located next to the right pillar. this will cause the pillar to slide out of your way.

Sacred Orb(Health Upgrade) Location – sacred orb is the item which you will find throughout your gameplay. this will be your first health upgrade and is located in the room which is on the right of the entrance. to open it just stand on the pressure plate to the left of the chest.

Shuriken Location – it is located in a room with the sigil. to get the shuriken break the block at the bottom of the room and place a weight on the pressure pad this will remove the wall and you will get access to the shuriken.

Map Location – it is located in the chest just above the sacred orb(health upgrade). you can get it by placing a weight on the brown pressure pad in the same room.

Ankh Jewel Location(Guardian Room key) – the ankh jewel is like a key and you will need to enter the Guardian’s room. to get the Jewel, go to the room located on the left of the Shuriken room.

In this room, you will find a trap between you and the chest which is behind a breakable wall. you can break the wall with the shuriken and place a weight and then climb the ladder to reach the chest and get the Ankh Jewel.

How To Open the Guardian Door Appear

To make the Guardian Door Appear first you need to find the three goddess statues and drain the water from their eyes. all the three goddess statues are located at the upper level of the map. two of the statues will spawn two mini-bosses you can either fight them or just leave. remember you only need to drain the water from the eyes of the statue.

Once you do the above attack the nozzle/tap which is dripping poison on the goddess. this will make the Ankh/Guardian Door appear.

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