La Mulana 2 – Guide On How To Unlock Hard Mode/Secret Mode

La Mulana 2

Developer NIGORO and Publisher AGM PLAYISM have released their new game titled La Mulana 2. it is an indie action adventure Metroidvania game where players play as Lumisa Kosugi who is out their again to reveal the secrets of ancient ruins.

In the game, players will be able to gather clues and solve puzzles, furthermore, you will also get seven main weapons to fight over 200 different monsters and to assist your adventure you will find 20 apps on your Mobile Super X3 tablet. but to make things even more exciting you can enable the secret hard mode.

Guide On How To Unlock Hard Mode/Secret Mode In La Mulana 2

La Mulana’s second edition has arrived and just like the previous edition the new game is also filled with mind-boggling traps, puzzles, and enemies.

But if the game is still not challenging enough for you and you want to take the difficulty to the next level then you need to unlock the Hard Mode which will make the gameplay more difficult and challenging.

How To Unlock Hard Mode – to unlock it head towards Lu-Mulana ruins area there you will find a player-friendly tutorial made for new players. you will be tasked to explore the ruins which have been converted into a tourist trap by the local village elder Xelpud.

In the ruins, you will find a location which was present in the first game known as the Mausoleum of the Giants. explore and search for a breakable block on the bottom floor of a room which is filled with scaffolds.

When you find and break the block you will find some tablets. interact with them and you will find a warning in red text.

The text will say read it twice, and you will unlock the harder difficulty meaning if you interact and read the text on the tablet the second time you will unlock Hard mode. this secret is most likely made for the veterans of the game as the La Mulana remake also had a similar tablet in Mausoleum of the Giants.

Now before you begin the hard mode just remember that once you enable it you cannot reverse it. so if you want to return to the standard difficulty you will need to restart the game.

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