Pokemon Go – Guide On Zapdos Raid Boss, Moves, Counters And Weakness

Pokemon Go

Developer and Publisher Niantic’s free to play augmented reality game Pokemon Go will be adding more new core mechanics which will make the game more social and immersive. the devs have added new mechanics like trading, adding new friends and now Lucky Pokemon is also available.

With the new update in Pokemon Go, players will be able to get experience many team activities. one of those activities is the Raid battles which Trainers can participate solo or with a team. in this guide, you will learn how to fight Zapdos Raid Boss.

Guide On Zapdos Raid Boss, Moves, Counters And Weakness In Pokemon Go

Zapdos Raid Battles – the raid boss always have massive CP which makes it extremely strong and difficult to take down. if you are planning taking down Zapdos in a raid battle then it will be best to team up with other trainers with the best counter Pokemon.

Every Pokemon has a certain type and each type is weak to some other certain types. so below you will find more details about it.

Best Counters And Weakness

Zapdos is a lighting type Pokemon and so it weak to Rock-type Pokemon. you have a high level rock Pokemon then use it. the best rock type Pokemon for this Raid Boss would be Tyranitar and Golem. Tyranitar’s SmackDown and Stone Edge moves and Golem’s Rock Throw and Rock Blast moves would be able to dish out a lot of damage.

Zapdos is also weak against Ice Pokemon so you should use some high CP ice types. the best Ice types against it would be Piloswine, it can tank a lot of damage and also has powerful moves like Avalanche and Ice Shard.

If you have rare Pokemon’s like Mewto then use them too as it can also tank a lot of damage and has good Confusion and Psychic moves.

Tips And Tricks To Win Raid Battle
  • As mentioned above build a full team of Pokemon which have are strong against lighting types. also, make sure that the Pokemon have high CP.
  • Always try to dodge attacks you can do it by observing Zapdos properly and whenever you see a flash get ready to dodge as an attack is coming.
  • During a raid battle against boss don’t have everyone leave to lobby at once. if you leave Zapdos alone it will start healing.
  • Zapdos has high CP and it will take a long time to chip away those HP. so be ready for a long long fight.
How To Get Shiny Zapdos and Free Raid Passes

In the Zapdos raid battles, trainers will have a small chance of fighting against a Shiny type. currently to only way to fight against a shiny type is by getting into as many Raid Battles as possible and hope to fight against a shiny one.

But to get into plenty of Raid Battles you will need Raid Passes which can be obtained by fighting in a Gym. fortunately if you unlock Zapdos Day during Pokemon GO Fest you will get a chance to earn free raid passes.

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