No Man’s Sky Next – How To Get And Where To Farm Gravitino Balls

No Man’s Sky Next

Developer and Publisher Hello Games have released their more new content for their game as No Man’s Sky Next. it is an open world space exploration adventure game where players will be able to discover new planets, animals, plants, resources and more.

In the new update of the game, players will be able to experience visual overhaul, new items, new mechanics and more. with the introduction of plenty of new contents, you will need to know about a few new things. so in this guide, you will learn how to get and farm Gravitino Balls.

How To Get And Where To Farm Gravitino Balls In No Man’s Sky Next

What is Gravitino Balls – the Gravitino balls are items which the explorers can find all across the universe. these items are hard to find and are extremely valuable. they look like small balls which emit light when you get closer to them.

If you happen to pick one of them it will send all the sentinels near your area into a frenzy and they will start attacking you.

How To Get Gravitino Balls – just like most items, materials, and resources there is no fixed location and if you want them you will need to search for them all across the planets and star systems. to increase your chances of getting these Balls you should complete the following tasks.

  • Complete Expeditions and you may get Gravitino Balls.
  • Search for the Balls using Analysis Visor.
  • Search for Artifact Crates but remember you will need Ancient keys to open them. you can follow this guide to learn how to get them.

How To Farm The Gravitino Balls Fast – although the balls are hard to find there are some ways you can speed up the process and increase the rate of success. you can follow some of the methods listed below.

Build a fleet of Frigates – when you have multiple Frigates send them all on expeditions by doing this you will you increase the number of expeditions and this will increase the chance of getting Gravitino Balls as a reward.

Search Doomed Planets – as the name suggests the doomed planets are high-risk planets but they often contain a large number of Balls. if you have the necessary resources and want to take the risk then go to the Red Star System there you will find plenty of  Doomed Planets.

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