No Man’s Sky Next – Guide On How To Find Ruins In Planets

No Man’s Sky Next

Developer and Publisher Hello Games have released their more new content for their game as No Man’s Sky Next. it is an open world space exploration and survival game where players will be able to discover new resources, stars, planets, animals, plants, and more.

In the new update of the game, players will be able to experience new items, visual overhaul, new mechanics and more. with the introduction of plenty of new features, you will need to know about a few new things. so in this guide, you will learn how to find Ruins.

Guide On How To Find Ruins In Planets In No Man’s Sky Next

What Are Ruins – The Ruins are like old broken structures which have been made by different Alien species. most of the Ruins contains knowledge stones which will help you know more about alien language and also increase your standing among them.

The Next update has buffed the rewards of finding ruins, now apart from getting knowledge stones you will be able to earn Units and you will have a chance of finding Ancient Keys which can be used to open the Artifact Crates.

How To Locate Ruins – finding one of these locations is very hard and can easily become tedious and frustrating. so below we will list some of the methods which you can use to increase your chance of finding Ruins.

  • Fly above the surface of a Planet – this is the most common method and is used by most of the explorer. just fly above the surface of the planet at a slow speed and look for alien structures.
  • Use Analysis Visor – you can use analysis visor scanner to look for ruins. the scanner can look for traces of it and will eventually locate it. the only problem is that this process is extremely slow.
  • Observatories – go to any observatories and solve the mini puzzle located at the terminal. this will reveal the location of the ruins.
  • Signal Booster – if you have constructed a signal booster then interact with it and choose the Artifact option. this will give you some coordinate, go there and you may find the ruin. you may need to repeat this method multiple times before you find one. you can learn how to make signal booster here.

Once you arrive at a ruin just use your Analysis Visor scanner to search for the Artifact Fragments. most of the time these items are buried under the ground. so use the Terrain Manipulator tool to get them easily.

When you get three Artifact Fragments you will get an Ancient Key. you can use this key to open the Artifact crate and earn rare items, resources and more.

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