No Man’s Sky Next – How To Get Ancient Key To Unlock Artifact Crates

No Man’s Sky Next

Developer and Publisher Hello Games have released their more new content for their game as No Man’s Sky Next. it is an open world space exploration game where players will be able to discover new animals, planets, plants, resources and more.

In the new update of the game, players will be able to experience new star systems, new planets, new items, and more. with the introduction of plenty of new contents, you will need to know about a few new things. so in this guide, you will learn how to get the Ancient Key.

How to Get Ancient Key To Unlock Artifact Crates In No Man’s Sky Next

In the Massive NEXT update, players will find many new resources, materials, planets, visual upgrades and other in-game mechanics changes.

The update has added a new item called the Ancient Key and the Artifact crates. both of them are related to each other. below you find details on what they are and how you can get them.

What Is Ancient Key  – As the name suggest Ancient Key is a Key and is supposed to open a locked object but what? well with the addition of new contents you will come across several Crates known as Artifact.

To open an Artifact Crate you will need three Ancient Key and inside you will be may find many rare materials, items, and resources.

Furthermore, if you are unable to find any Ancient Crate or if you do not want the rewards present in the Crate then you can sell each of the Keys for 1000 Units.

How To Get Ancient Key – getting an ancient key is like treasure hunting first you will need to head to any planet and there you will need to use two equipments The scanner and the Terrain Manipulator tool.

With the help of these two equipments search for Artifact Fragment, they can be found anywhere on a planet. but the chances of getting them in the ruins is high so prioritize to search them first. once you get the Ancient Fragment open them and you will find the Key inside it.

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