No Man’s Sky Next – Guide On How To Get A Hermetic Seal

No Man’s Sky Next

Developer and Publisher Hello Games have released their more new content for their game as No Man’s Sky Next. it is an open world space exploration adventure game where players will be able to discover new planets, animals, plants, resources and more.

In the new update of the game, players will be able to experience new mechanics. visual overhaul, new items, and more. with the introduction of plenty of new contents, you will need to know about a few new things. so in this guide, you will learn how to get a Hermetic Seal.

Guide On How To Get A Hermetic Seal In No Man’s Sky Next

What is A Hermetic Seal – the seal is a new item which comes with the new update players will need it so that their spacecraft is able to fly which means if you do not get this item you will be stuck on the planet.

Getting this seal is not easy and can become confusing for a lot of new players. so let’s proceed in a proper step by step process so that it increases the success rate.

How To Get Hermetic Seal  – First of all the Hermetic Seal cannot be crafted you will need to find one in your current planet. if you are a new player you should start by learning the basic tutorial which the game gives you. then start repairing your broken spacecraft, repair everything until you only need the Seal.

When this happens the game will instruct you to locate and use a Distress Beacon. find this beacon and inspect it and you will receive a Navigational Data module, this is an important item used for building the Signal Booster.

Build The Signal Booster – the Signal Booster is a building which will help you locate the hermetic seal. to build it you will need the Navigational Data module, 50 iron, and 25 plutonium. once you have the necessary resources, build it and when it is completed it will give you some coordinates to explore. go there and search for the seal.

If you do not find the seal activate the signal booster again and you will get new coordinates. you may have to repeat this method several time before you get a Hermetic Seal.

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