No Man’s Sky Next – Guide On How To Repair Toxic Protection Suit

No Man's Sky Next

Developer and Publisher Hello Games have released their more new content for their game as No Man’s Sky Next. it is an open world space exploration game where players will be able to discover new planets, animals, plants and more.

In the new update of the game, players will be able to experience visual overhaul, new space crafts, new items and more. with the introduction of so much new contents, you will need to learn a few new things. so in this guide, you will learn how to repair toxic protection suit.

Guide On How To Repair Toxic Protection Suit In No Man’s Sky Next

There are several Star Systems which contain many different planets. each planet has a different ecosystem. some of them are able to support different types of new flora and fauna and some are just barren and filled with toxic material but contains rare resources.

So to get these resources you might be forced to enter these harmful planets. but you don’t need to worry much as your character has a Toxic protection suit the only problem is that these can get damaged easily and to use it you will need to repair them.

How To Repair Toxic Protection Suit – to fix the suit you will need Sodium and fortunately, this particular resource can be found on most of the planets. to get sodium just get your scanner and look for yellow colored flowers.

Once you find these flowers use your scanner and stand near them. then press the appropriate button to collect them in your inventory.

Then go into your suit inventory and select the Hazard protection and use then use the Sodium to repair it this will completely repair it and ready for your use. as mentioned above the protection suit gets damaged sometimes. so it will be wise to keep stock of sodium to repair it whenever it gets damaged.

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