Pokemon Go – Guide On How To Get Lucky Pokemon Easily

Pokemon Go

Developer and Publisher Niantic’s free to play augmented reality game Pokemon Go will be adding more new core mechanics which will make the game more social and immersive. the devs have added new mechanics like trading, adding new friends and now Lucky Pokemon is also available.

With the new update in Pokemon Go, players will be able to get a new type of Pokemon known as Lucky Pokemon. below you will find a detailed explanation of what they are, how they are different and how you can catch them

Guide On How To Get Lucky Pokemon Easily In Pokemon Go

The latest update of the game has introduced more new contents and features for Trainers like trading, sending gifts and making new friends from all around the world.

One of the new features which the developers have added into the game just recently is the Lucky Pokemon which will affect the gameplay for some Pokemon.

What is Lucky Pokemon – it is not a new pokemon or form it is a new status. these Pokemon have a slightly different appearance from its base form. the lucky pokemon looks like the sparkly version and also functions a bit differently.

These Pokemon require less Stardust to power up which means Trainers can now increase the CP level of Lucky Pokémon more quickly. the required stardust can go as low as 50% of what it would have costed for the Base Pokemon.

How To Get A Lucky Pokemon – these Pokemon can be only be obtained when a Pokemon is traded between two trainers. there is a chance which converts the Pokemon being traded in Lucky. fortunately, Niantic has revealed the way to increase the chance of getting them.

According to the new post from Niantic the longer a Pokemon remains in the Trainer’s Inventory, the higher will be the chance of transforming the Pokemon into a Lucky Type. the only problem is that it is not known how long should the Pokemon should remain in inventory to trigger this special transformation.

So if you want to get a Lucky type you will need to ask a friend to trade a Pokemon which has been sitting in their inventory for a long period of time. if you don’t know how to trade you will find a guide below.

Once you have obtained a Lucky Pokemon you will be able to see it in your Pokedex. there you can check its stats, other information and level them quickly if you want.

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