No Man’s Sky – Guide On How To Name Star Systems And Planets

No Man’s Sky

Developer and Publisher Hello Games are currently developing and creating more new content for their game No Man’s Sky. it is an open world space exploration game where players can create bases farm resources, and discover new plants, space systems, animal and more.

In the game, players will need to complete many news missions to discover, earn Units, build bases and other important equipment. in this guide, you will find how name a Star System and Planet doing this will give you a decent amount of Units.

Guide On How To Name Star Systems And Planets In No Man’s Sky

Throughout your gameplay, you will find many new animals, plants, resources and even plenty of new Planets and Star Systems.

Different Planets and Star Systems have different characteristics some have a lot of new flora and fauna, some are filled with rich resources and some are completely dead. as there are a lot of them keeping track of each of them can be troublesome. therefore below you will find a guide to naming them.

To give a name to a Star System or Planet first you need to discover it or if you want to name an already known star system or planet then enter the Discoveries menu, once you enter this option you will notice much information.

You need to look on the left side of the screen and there you will notice a list of Star Systems and Planets you have discovered. all the discovered system/planets will appear chronologically meaning the most recent discovery will be on top of the list.

To change the name place your cursor over the System or planet you want to rename. then you will find the “Rename and Upload” option. select it and you will find a text box, enter the name you want and save it.

Once you have entered a new name it will be uploaded on the game server. so next time you can search for it by its new name. naming the planets/systems also gives explorer a decent amount of units.

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