No Man’s Sky – Guide On How To Name Animals/Beasts

No Man’s Sky

Developer and Publisher Hello Games are currently developing and creating more new content for their game No Man’s Sky. it is an open world space exploration game where players can farm resources, create bases and discover new space systems, planets, animal and more.

In the game, players will need to complete missions to progress, earn Units, build bases and other important equipment. in this guide, you will find how name an animal, doing this will give you a decent amount of Units.

Guide On How To Name Animals/Beasts In No Man’s Sky

Throughout your adventure in the unknown universe, you will encounter new planets, space systems, plants, and animals.

As there are a vast amount of new animals it is easy to forget their behavioral traits. so below you will find a guide on how to name animals. this will help you differentiate between friendly and hostile animals.

Before you name animals you will need to need to fix the analysis visor and to do it you will need 25 iron from common rocks. once you have the resources you will need to begin repairing the visor.

Enter your inventory and then go to multi-tool tab there you will find the repair option just use the appropriate fix button and your analysis visor will be repaired completely.

Once you have the analysis visor go to any planet you want and search for new animals species you want to record. when you find an unknown animal scan it, remember to hold the cursor until the scan is complete. when the bar is full the animal’s information will come out on your screen.

Then bring out the Discovery option and select the animal you want to remain, this will bring out a text box where you can enter any name you want. once you are done save it and now whenever in future you scan the animal again you will see the new name.

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