No Man’s Sky – Guide On How To Earn Units (Money) Fast

No Man's SkyDeveloper and Publisher Hello Games are currently developing and creating more new content for their game No Man’s Sky. it is an open world space exploration game where players can farm resources, create bases and discover new space systems, planets, animal and more.

To progress through the game players will need to complete missions and earn Units which help them upgrade and buy new items. in this guide, you will find how you can earn Units fast and build your dream space adventure.

Guide On How To Earn Units (Money) Fast In No Man’s Sky

Complete Listed Missions – Most of the missions can be completed easily and in a short amount of time. but they offer a high amount of units.

Collect Emeril – it is one of the most valuable resources in the game and it pretty rare but it is easy to mine and can be sold for a high amount of Units.

Collect Stasis Device – this is another resource which you should collect, they can be sold for a high amount of units.

Discovery Menu – Always upload your discoveries into discovery menu this will help you earn more units.

Always upgrade Scanners – you will also receive a decent amount of units for scanning flora and fauna in the in-game worlds.

Scan New Planets – whenever you discover a new planet start scanning every flora and fauna this will give a large number of units.

Start Farming – you should search for a suitable place and build your base. once everything is ready, start farming this will give you a steady source of income.

Search For Gold – Gold is also one of the valuable resources which are not rare but are hard to find. but the good thing about this resource is that you can find it just by looking on the surface. so just fly close to the ground and look for Gold Nuggets.

Sell Bypass Chips – Bypass Chips is one of the many things which you can craft. it is made from Iron and Plutonium which are easily available.

Sell Items In Different System – there are many different systems and each offers different selling price for different systems. so you can just collect items in one system and sell in another system which offers more profit.

Earn 4.3 Billion In Less Than 24 Hours

This guide has been created by Youtuber Xaine’s World and he demonstrates how to earn 0 – 4.3 Billion in less than 24 hours by farming Stasis Device. you can follow the line below to watch the video on Youtube.


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