Enter The Gungeon – Guide On How To Unlock Bullet Character

Enter The Gungeon

Developer Dodge Roll and Publisher Devolver Digital have released more new content for their game Enter The Gungeon. it is an indie action bullet hell game where players play a band of misfits who are in search of the legendary Gungeon’s ultimate treasure.

In the game, players will be able to use different weapons, skills, powers and more. you will also find four different gungeoneers to make your adventure more unique but there are some locked characters. below you will more learn more about them.

Guide On How To Unlock Bullet In Enter The Gungeon

In this roguelike bullet, FPS game players will have to progress through many different levels and fight different enemies.

On your way to find the ultimate treasure, you will be able to obtain various new weapons, skills, and characters. there are two unlockable characters the robot and the bullet. in this guide, you will learn how to unlock bullet and use its awesome weapon Blasphemy.

How To Unlock Bullet – As the name suggests Bullet looks like a bullet but in yellow color with a red cape. throughout your progress, you will find Bullet several times and whenever you find him you will need to protect him until the end of the level.

Whenever you save him he will leave and will appear in next levels. you will need to save him five times to fully unlock him.

Basically, all you need to do is progress through the game and clear one character’s Past. while clearing level look for Bullet and protect him at least five times. once you have protected him five times he will join your roster permanently.

Bullet Abilities – The bullet comes with a weapon called Blasphemy which is not a gun but a sword. this special sword, when swung, can destroy incoming bullets. it also shoots out a laser sword which looks pretty cool.

He also comes with passive called “I’m A Bullet Too!” which makes him immune to contact damage plus it increases rolling damage. with the combination of the sword and this passive Bullet becomes a deadly close range fighter.

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