MOTHERGUNSHIP – Guide On How To Get All The Secrets Easily


Developer Grip Digital, Terrible Posture Games and Publisher Grip Digital have released their new game titled MOTHERGUNSHIP. it indie action fps game where players can craft and customize their own weapons to fight the invasive alien army and save the earth.

Along with fighting aliens with your own unique weapon you can also unlock new mods, skills and more. one of the many things you can unlock in the game is secrets which give players different rewards like HP, Charges, energy and more.

Guide On How To Get All The Secrets Easily In MOTHERGUNSHIP

In the game, players will be going through many different levels each of them having different layout and enemies.

Throughout a level, you will come across many different achievements and secrets. getting the achievement is one thing but locating different secrets is quite hard as they are well hidden and can easily get frustrating and tedious. so below you will find some ways to find them.

Hunting For Clues – if you are trying to discover new secrets in a level then you will need to know some important points. first, the secrets can be anywhere in a level, it can be hidden under something or it can be right before your eyes. look for these secrets in every wall, floor, ceiling it can be anywhere.

Second, whenever you approach a secret it will start sparkling and will reveal itself to the players. if you try to be more observant you can get them easily and unlock jump charges, max energy, and max health.

Use Secret Detection – if you are unable to find clues on your own and you need a guide then you get the secret detection upgrade in the armory which increases the sparkling of the secret by 500% which makes it easier to find them.

Mothergunship is currently available on PC via steam and received positive reviews from its owners. for more information about the game, you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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