Full Metal Furies – Guide On Codes For All The Locked Gates

Full Metal Furies

Developer and Publisher Cellar Door Games have released their new game titled Full Metal Furies. it is an action adventure RPG game players work together to fight special enemies by using organic combos to deal massive damage.

Just like many RPG games players will be able to choose a class from a class of four each having different traits and power. the combat section will be filled with skills which you change to make your character more powerful and face more than 70 different enemies.

Guide On Codes For All The Locked Gates In Full Metal Furies

In the game, players will come across many different locked Gates which can be only opened with the use of their respective gate codes.

But to obtain the codes you will need to solve puzzles, some of them are pretty easy and some of them are hard which can make some players leave the game. this guide will help you open all the gates, face the end boss and get the real ending.

First Gates

  • Cronus – TCAb*CAbT
  • Coeus – CTAb*bTCT
  • Lelantos – CAbA*AbCA
  • Menoetius – AbCT*bCTA
  • Styx – bTAC*CATb

Second Gates

  • Cronus – bTbA*ACTA
  • Coeus – bTCA*ACTb
  • Lelantos – TACT*AbTb
  • Menoetius – ATbA*CbAb
  • Styx – TCTA*AbTC

Gate Of Kings – ACbT*bCAT

That’s all the codes you will need to open the gates. hopefully, this guide has helped complete one of the frustrating part of the game.

Full Metal Furies is currently available on PC via Steam and has received very positive responses from the steam community for more information about the game visit the official website or the steam store page.

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