The Vagrant – Guide On Location Of All The Stelas/The Explorer Achievement

The Vagrant

Developer O.T.K Games and Publisher SakuraGame have released a new game titled The Vagrant. it is a 2D action adventure RPG game where players play as Vivian the Vagrant who is on a journey to reunite with her family but will have to face many difficulties.

In the game players will able to level up, face over 70 different monsters and also complete several in-game achievements. in one of the achievement, you will need to find all the eighteen stelas. below you will learn more about them.

Guide On Location Of All The 18 Stelas In The Vagrant

In the game, players will find many save points which are known as stela. when you use a stela you can teleport to any other previous stela that you have discovered.

There is an achievement called The Explorer which is connected with the Stelas. if you activate all of the eighteen stela you will get the achievement. most of the stelas can be found during the main story but there are some of them which can be only found if you search for them. therefore below you will find the location of all of them.

In Brocley – At the starting of the village.

In Bluereel Village – it can be found on the Borders of Glizzian Territory and the path to the Magnus Workshop.

In Church Tower – it can be found two rooms to the left from the freefall which is located deep inside the church.

In Coffinhead – in the room right before the village of ghosts.

In Deathforest – in the room on the upper-left of The Void’s first big vertical room.

In Deep in the Cemetery – can be found two room to the left of the Headless Horseman’s camp.

In Dungeon of The Decayed – to get this stela you will need the Joker Key, then you need to go to a place Right before the eponymous boss rush.

In Esgonian Junction – located in the room below the border to the Wesandyth Kingdom.

In Glizzian Territory – can be found on the path towards the Pantry.

In Halindle Cave – it can be found five room to the left on the path of Bluereel Village.

In Living Quarter – in the room to the right of the gate to The Void.

In The Living Hell – can be found 5 rooms away from the path to the final boss fights.

In Magnus Workshop – in the room after defeating the Colossus.

In Seudor’s Church – in the room after defeating the Headless Horseman.

In Shadow Path – to get this stela you will need the Joker Key, then you need to go to a place located along the way to the Dungeon of The Decayed.

In Throneroom – in the room with HMWV

In Wheatawn City – it is located before the Northern Border.and outside the city’s gates.

In Wall of Origin – can be found right before the final boss fights.

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