Octopath Traveler – Guide On How To Open Locked Chests

Octopath Traveler

Developer Square Enix and Publisher Nintendo have released their new latest game titled Octopath Traveler. it is an open world turn-based roleplaying game where players can assemble their own team and fight against different monsters.

In the game, you will be able to get different types of items, characters, weapons, and other resources. one of the characters which will help you through your gameplay is Therion which has different useful abilities.

Guide On How To Open Locked Chests In Octopath Traveler

In the game, players will be able to able choose from eight different characters each of them have a special ability and your lineup in your playthrough will affect your gameplay.

One of the characters in the game is Therion he is a thief who has the ability to steal valuable items from any citizens. you can then use the items for yourself or you can sell them to earn a decent amount of money but Therion can do much more.

How To Open Locked Chests – Apart from stealing items Therion is also capable of lockpicking which allows him to open any locked chests. if you are beginning a new game then you can start your playthrough by selecting Therion but if you have not selected him then you will need to recruit him.

Recruiting Therion – To get Therion you will need to head towards Cliftlands in Bolderfall you will find him there. if you don’t know about this location then just bring out your map and you will be able to see all the Characters.

Once you meet Therion interact with him and then complete his first chapter, by doing this you will unlock him and you will be able to add him to your party.

He will be able to open all the chests present in the big world of orsterra most of the times you will find decent items but there is also a possibility of getting rare items and a huge amount of money which will help you progress through the game.

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