Octopath Traveler – Guide On How To Unlock All Characters

Octopath Traveler

Developer Square Enix and Publisher Nintendo have released their new latest game titled Octopath Traveler. it is an open world turn-based roleplaying game where players can assemble their own team and fight against different monsters.

In the game, you will be able to get different types of skills, items, weapons, and other resources. but with versatile items, you will also need a versatile team made up of different characters. below is a guide on how you can unlock new characters.

Guide On How To Unlock All Characters In Octopath Traveler

The game contains eight unique characters each having different skills, weapons, special traits, story and more.

But when you begin the game you will only get to choose from one of the eight characters and the rest of the characters will remain locked. to unlock them you will need to find them, interact and complete the task.

How To Unlock – To start unlocking new characters you need to visit them, to do that just press the map button and you will be able to see the locations of all the seven locked character. just head towards the character you want to unlock.

When your character and the locked character are near each other you will notice a green marker on the minimap. approach the character and interact to talk to them, this will reveal a “hearing their tale”, choose it to start their quest line.

Once you begin their quest line you will play as a new character but only until you have completed chapter one of their story. After completing their chapter one you will be able to add them permanently to your party.

By repeating the above method on other characters you will be able to unlock all the characters. but keep in mind that all of them will start at level one and you can only have a party of four members on your adventure.

Below is the list of all characters

  • Alfyn – a Healer, can inquire new information about a quest or treasure from the citizens.
  • Cyrus – a Scholar, can scrutinize citizens and get new information.
  • H’aanit – Huntress, can use animals provoke the citizens of the world and also summon them in battle
  • Olberic – a Knight, can challenge others to duel and if you win it will increase your reputation.
  • Ophilia – a Cleric, can use her character ability to guide other characters
  • Primrose – a Dancer, can allure a citizen in the world making them follow you for a certain period.
  • Therion – Thief, can steal items from citizens of the world.
  • Tressa – a Merchant, can buy items at a lower price and increase money earned from battles.

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