Octopath Traveler – Guide On How To Gain Experience Quickly

Octopath Traveler

Developer Square Enix and Publisher Nintendo have released their new latest game titled Octopath Traveler. it is an open world turn-based roleplaying game where players can assemble their own team and fight against different monsters.

In the game, you will be able to get different types of weapons, skills, and as it is an RPG game you will also gain XP and level. in the guide below you will learn how to gain experience points quickly so that you can access new area and gain new loots.

Guide On How To Gain Experience Quickly In Octopath Traveler

Repeat Story Dungeon – To make sure that every character is leveled evenly create two-parties and then complete the Dungeon with the first team and then complete the dungeon again with the second team. you can repeat it again and again to gain more level.

Grind Higher level area – always try to clear areas which are higher than your level by doing this you will be able to gain level at a higher pace.

Get Primrose’s Bewildering Grace – this will increase the amount of XP you can gain from fighting different enemies.

Get Alluring Ribbon – this item when equipped on a character increases the encounter rate which will you gain more XP.  you can get it by completing a side quest from a Rich Man in Marsalim.

Grandport Greater Kingfishers – Travel to the town of Grandport located on the eastern side of the map. once you are in the town travel go towards the west entrance. there you will find a signpost and beside it, you will also find a save point.

Search the area and you will encounter a group of 2 Greater Kingfishers these enemies are fairly strong with an HP over 6000 if you are able to kill them you will receive more than 600 XP which in the early stage of the game can give your character 4-5 level at once.

To kill them you will need a Cleric to heal the team, a warrior with the Thousand Spears skills, a hunter with the Arrowstorm skill and two other characters with bow and polearm. this lineup will be able to take down the 2 Greater Kingfishers. After that, you just need to repeat this area again and again to gain level.

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