Octopath Traveler – Guide On How To Earn Leaves Money Fast

Octopath Traveler

Developer Square Enix and Publisher Nintendo have released their new latest game titled Octopath Traveler. it is an open world turn-based roleplaying game where players can assemble their own team and fight against different monsters.

In the game, you will be able to get different types of weapons, ]items, skills, and other resources. but to get the things you want you will need Leaves the in-game currency which lets you buy new stuff. below you find a guide on how to earn Leaves fast.

Guide On How To Earn Leaves Money Fast In Octopath Traveler

As you progress through the game you will encounter new higher level area which contains high-level enemies which have high HP and high damage.

To fight them on equal footing you will need to gear yourself up with new weapons, skills and more which will increase your chance of winning.

Complete Quests – In the big open world of Orsterra players will be able to find of a lot of quests. to find quests just look for an orange marker on the map. completing them will reward you with lots of new items, resources and a decent amount of Leaves.

Get Tressa – if you are looking to make money then you should keep Tressa in your party as she has a merchant ability which lets you earn more money whenever you win a battle. she also finds random gold while traveling around the world.

Grind Battle – This is a no-brainer that you will earn the maximum amount of your money by fighting different monsters. always choose a battle which you are sure you can win this way you won’t be wasting time-fighting unwinnable fights.

Scrutinize/Inquire NPCs – Whenever you enter a new town always make sure to interact with different NPCs sometimes they give valuable information about different quests which will help you complete them and also earn Leaves.

Steal Items – you will come across several NPCs which have valuable items and resources on them. you can use Therion to steal all those items and sell them in the shop to earn Leaves.

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