Dragon Ball Legends – How To Increase Rising Rush Damage Output

Dragon Ball Legends

Developer and Publisher Bandai NAMCO Entertainment have released a new game titled Dragon Ball Legends. it is an action fighting game based on the popular Dragon Ball anime series where players can select any character and fight other characters.

In the game, players will encounter a lot of different mechanics and features which they need to learn and master. one of those many mechanics is the Rising Rush move which can deal a lot of damage if used in proper conditions.

Dragon Ball Legends – How To Increase Rising Rush Damage Output

In the game, players will be able to perform many different attacks, power moves, and special moves. these moves will help you win different matches and also complete quests.

One of the special ability which deals a lot of damage is known as Rising Rush and the best part about this ability is that you can increase the damage output thereby finishing your opponents and completing quests.

To increase Rising Rush damage first you need to choose a primary character which is extremely powerful. you should also make sure that the character you choose is SP this will help you in increasing damage easily.

Once you have your desired character start leveling up the character to the maximum which is currently capped on 1000. along with leveling up the character, you should also give the character as many souls boost possible. higher level and a high number of soul boosts will increase the power of the character and also increase the damage of Rising Rush.

After giving your primary character high level and high soul boost you will need to choose the rest of the characters for the 6 characters squad. while choosing characters for the squad look at every characters Z ability and select the characters which provide a good boost to tag, element, and others. also make sure that everyone in the team has the best equipment equipped on them.

Now you need to perform the best Rising Rush and it would depend on three factors.

  • The First factor is the elemental factor if your character element is better than your opponents you will deal more damage.
  • The second factor is the combination of abilities, for example, the combination 2 Strike attack and 1 Special attack will deal more damage than 2 Strike attack and 1 Blast attack.
  • The third factor is to launch the Rising Rush at the lowest possible HP without dying. the less HP you have while performing a Rising Rush the more damage it will deal.

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