Kingdom Come: Deliverance From The Ashes – Charcoal, Grain And Stone

Kingdom Come: Deliverance From The Ashes

Developer and Publisher Warhorse Studios have released their new latest DLC named Kingdom Come: Deliverance From The Ashes. in the new DLC players will play as the new Bailiff who has been tasked with building a village.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance From The Ashes, you will be able to build several buildings and upgrade but to runs things more smoothly and efficiently you will need to constantly maintain a proper supply of different resources.

How To Get Charcoal, Stone And Grain In Kingdom Come: Deliverance From The Ashes

As the newly appointed Bailiff of the village it’s your job to build different buildings, hire people and gather resources so the condition of the village improves.

But doing it can be tedious and confusing so below you will find a guide which will explain how to get the three basic but important resources which you will need in the game.

Charcoal – it is one of the resources which will help you run the village and also improve it by constructing new buildings and facilities. if you need Charcoal then visit one of the charcoal miners’ camps which is present all across the map. to get the Charcoal you will need to spend money so be prepared.

Grain – to get this resource you will need to find go to different millers one location for the grain is the bailiff in Sassau. if you are getting confused then look for them on the map carefully. the price of grain keeps changing sometimes its high and sometimes its low so keep checking it.

Stone – it is another resource which you will need to build your village. to get stones head towards the west of Talmberg there you will find a Quarry. talk to the guy named Rupert who is wearing a red shirt. just like Charcoal, you will need to spend money to buy the stones.

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