The Crew 2 – Guide On How To Increase Followers And Progress

The Crew 2

Developer Ivory Tower and Publisher Ubisoft have released their new latest game titled The Crew 2. it is an online open-world multiplayer game where players race against their opponents using various vehicles like cars, planes, boat and more.

In the game, players will be able to unlock various rewards by completing different challenges and missions. but to increase the followers you will need to grind and complete many many different objectives.

Guide On How To Increase Followers And Progress In The Crew 2

The new Crew 2 brings a lot of new features which improves the experience and gameplay. one of the new features in the game is the follower system.

The follower system estimates what level a player will have so if you want to increase your level you will need to attract as many followers as you can. there are many ways to increase them but it can be very tedious and frustrating. below you will find some methods to increase them.

  • During any Race always look for a way to jump this will gain you, followers.
  • During roaming and racing try to break previous records.
  • While driving, perform any special actions like close calls, high altitude, Knife Flight and more in a succession to get more followers.
  • While Flying perform special combos to gain more followers.
  • Take part in Xtrem Live events as they are desinged to make you perform certain actions which automatically gains you followers.
  • Take part in small challenges while you are driving around.
  • Complete photo challenges as they are easy and also builds followers.
  • Grind any easy and quick event or race this will easily get you followers in a short amount of time.
  • If you are trying to increase followers don’t use fast travel instead drive from one destination to another and between them complete different challenges.

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