The Crew 2 – Guide On How And Where To Get New Vehicles

The Crew 2

Developer Ivory Tower and Publisher Ubisoft have released their new latest game titled The Crew 2. it is an online open-world multiplayer game where players race against their opponents using various vehicles like cars, planes, boat and more.

In the game, players will be able to unlock various rewards by completing different challenges and missions. the rewards different items like outfits, cars, boats, bikes and more. so below you will find a guide on what to do get new vehicles.

Guide On How And Where To Get New Vehicles In The Crew 2

The new Crew 2 has many different cars, plane, boats and more and everyone wants to get there hands on all of them. but to do that you will need to grind a lot and also you need a lot of money in your in-game bank.

To fill your garage with more new vehicles you will need to do several missions and also drive around different hubs.

Complete the main story missions – the main story involves a lot of different activities completing them will reward players with different items which include new cars.

Complete Events – while roaming around in the open world you will find many events. some events give a new car as a reward.

HQ Mailbox – you can purchase new vehicles from any one of the four HQ Mailbox. you will be able to get cars, planes, dirtbikes, boats and more. all the four HQ Mailbox are located in different locations which you can find below.

  • Freestyle HQ – located in Las Vegas
  • Offroad HQ – located in Monument Valley, Santa Fe
  • Pro Racing HQ – located in New York
  • Street Racing HQ – located in Los Angeles

You can find more details about the HQ Mailbox and what they do here – Guide On Locations Of All The HQ Mailbox

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