The Crew 2 – Guide On How To Earn Fast Money And Easily

The Crew 2

Developer Ivory Tower and Publisher Ubisoft have released their new latest game titled The Crew 2. it is an online open-world multiplayer game where players race against their opponents using various vehicles like cars, planes, boat and more.

In the game, players will be able to unlock various rewards by completing different missions and challenges. but to unlock different types of vehicles you will need to earn some in-game bucks which can become tedious.

Guide On How To Earn Fast Money In The Crew 2

Just like the previous game, players will be able to buy a range of different vehicles like buggies, dirtbikes, planes, boat and more. to get these vehicles you will need to earn money, a lot of money.

To earn them you will need to complete various activities which will reward you with in-game currency. just remember that crew coins and reward money are different. crew coin can be purchased from the store but the reward bucks need to be earned.

To Buy or Not – you can purchase different cars, boats, and planes but there is only one problem once you get them you won’t be able to sell them. the lack of the no selling feature makes the game harder forcing players to make calculative decisions.

Season Pass – you can also get the season pass which gives player 20% discount on every item available in the store.

Photo Challenges – you can explore the world in the game and find different photo challenges. completing each challenge gives you 15,000 bucks.

Las Vegas Strip – you can compete in the race here and win 20,000 bucks for each race. the race can be completed easily and the best thing is that you can repeat it over and over to build up your bank.

Boat Race at the Hoover Dam – similar to Vegas Strip it also can be completed easily and gives 15,000 and more.

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