The Crew 2 – Guide On How To Claim Your Pre Order Items

The Crew 2

Developer Ivory Tower and Publisher Ubisoft have released their new latest game titled The Crew 2. it is an online open-world multiplayer game where players race against their opponents using various vehicles like cars, planes, boat and more.

In the game, players will be able to receive various rewards but if you have ordered special editions you will have access to DLC items which will contain many unique rewards and exclusive early access for all owners.

Guide On How To Claim Your Pre Order Items In The Crew 2

There are many different editions of the game which offers various different rewards and DLC items which include vehicles, planes, boats and different outfits.

When you log into the game with special editions you will be notified that you have some unclaimed rewards. the only problem is that it does not show how to claim and also does not give any proper explanation. below you will find a guide on how to get them.

To get the DLC cars, planes and other vehicles first finish the prologue scenes and complete the tutorial. after this, the game will give you access to various new vehicles all you have to do is go menu and enter the vehicle section. there you will be able to check on all vehicles that you currently have in the garage.

There are few cars which you will not get from the beginning of the game and you will need to unlock them by earning icon level. different cars require different icon levels so it will be a bit of a grind. to check the requirements just go to store.

To get the DLC outfits just go your main base/home. if you are unable to locate your home go to the map in the bottom right corner and you will notice a red house like icon. go there and inside your home you will find the racing suit icon interact with it and you will be able to see all the outfits.

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