Mario Tennis Aces – Guide On How To Get All Rackets

Mario Tennis Aces

Developer Camelot Software Planning and Publisher Nintendo have released their new latest game Mario Tennis Aces. it is a single and multiplayer tennis game where players can take on different characters and play virtual Tennis.

In the game, players will find a range of playstyles, traits, and stats for different characters. you will also find different types of racket each with different stats which will affect your gameplay. below you will find a list of rackets and how to unlock them.

Guide On How To Get All Rackets In Mario Tennis Aces

In the game players rackets is their main weapon without it you won’t be able to do anything. over time your racket will take damage and once the health of the racket reaches zero you won’t be able to use it and you will lose the game.

Therefore you will need to collect rackets for future purposes. furthermore, you will be able to collect different rackets with different stats and traits. below you will find a guide on how to collect the rackets.

How To Unlock Rackets – jump into the adventure mode which you can find on the main menu. this mode you will be placed in a big map filled with many different missions and challenges. by doing this you will be able to unlock new rackets.

Below you will find the locations and challenge and their respective rackets reward. note one thing the list is still incomplete and will be updated soon.

Marios Racket – This is the default racket, it has decent attack and durability but weak defense.

Wooden Racket – to get this racket complete the Forest Edge challenge in which you need to return balls without allowing the Spike to hit them.

Mirror Racket – to get this racket complete the Detour challenge you can find this particular challenge next to the mansion in Boo’s territory.

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