Mario Tennis Aces – Guide On Basic And Advance Controls

Mario Tennis Aces

Developer Camelot Software Planning and Publisher Nintendo have released their new latest game Mario Tennis Aces. it is a single and multiplayer tennis game where players can take on different characters and play virtual Tennis.

In the game, players will find a range of playstyles, traits, and stats for different characters. to use the characters properly and unleash their true potential you will need to know about the controls which can sometimes become confusing.

Guide On Basic And Advance Controls In Mario Tennis Aces

Although it is a Mario sports game don’t underestimate the gameplay as it requires a fair amount of skill and speedy reaction for winning the game.

If you want too want to master the game the first thing you need to do it get familiar with the basic and advance controls. each button delivers different shot and certain combinations of buttons give players more advance shots. below you can learn about all the shots.

Topspin (A Button) – this shot puts a forward spin on the ball which makes is quicker and gives it higher bounce.

Slice (B Button) – this shot makes the ball go low and also gives it a lower bounce, the ball typically bounces close on the other side of the net.

Flat Shot (Y Button) – this shot gives no spin to the ball resulting in higher speed, the ball basically lands on the far side of the opponent’s field.

Lob (Up + X Button) – this shot sends the ball high up in the air and makes it drop on the far side of the opponent’s field.

Drop shot (Down + X Button) – this shot gives a backward spin to the ball which makes it bounce very low and drop close to the net.

Trick shot (Right stick) – to use this shot move the right stick in the directions of the ball which is not within the reach. when performed your character will vault towards the ball, then you can use any other shot to send the ball back.

Zone shot (R) – when used it lets the player aim the ball before launching it at your opponent’s side. but remember to use it you will need to spend energy.

Zone Speed (Hold R) – when you have returned the ball towards your opponents but you are not in a position to receive another shot Hold R this will slow down the time and you can position yourself.

Special shot (L) – when your energy gauge is full press the L button to launch a special power move.

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