Pokemon Go – How To Add Friends, Trade And Increase Friendship Level

Pokemon Go

Developer and Publisher Niantic’s free to play augmented reality game Pokemon Go will be adding new core mechanics which will make the game more immersive and social. yup the most awaited mechanics trading and adding new friends are coming to the game.

With the new update in Pokemon Go, players will be able to add their fellow trainers, go on raids together, trade pokemon and do so much more. below you will find a guide on how to add friends, trade pokemon and increase friendship level.

How To Add Friends, Trade And Increase Friendship Level In Pokemon Go

How To add Friends – To add friends to your list first you need to collect the Trainer Code from the player you want to add. once you receive the code all you need to do is go to your friend’s list and tap “Add Friends”. enter the trainer code of the player you want to add. once the other player accepts the request you will be to see them in your list.

You will be able to trade pokemon, go on battles, and raid other trainers together with your friend. this way you can interact with many other players.

How To Increase Friendship level – Once you have a friend you will be able to level up the friendship level. the higher the level the more interaction options you will get with a given trainer. so naturally you will want to increase the level as fast as you can.

Below you will list of activities you can do to increase the level.

Team Raids – You can go fight in raids together to increase your points and gain level. remember the level of friendship will affect the battles like if you have great friendship your pokemon will deal more damage but if it is Ultra then it would do even more damage. just note one thing that you can only gain one level per day per friend.

Send Gift – When you spin photo disk sometimes you will receive special gifts which will be useless for you. but you can gift them to your friends which will give them some useful items and increase the level.

Trading Pokemon – trading pokemon with a friend can also increase friendship level. but to trade both the trainers need to be level 10 or above. the trading process will cost stardust so be sure to collect enough of it but if you have higher friendship level you will need to spend less stardust.

Now the main part of trading the special trades. for trading Legendary Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon or Pokemon that you don’t have in Pokedex you will need to use Special Trade. but it can be only used with Best Friend and Ultra Friend Friendship Level and that too only once per day.

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