Jurassic World Evolution – Guide On How To Unlock More Missions

Jurassic World Evolution

Developer and Publisher Frontier Developments have released their new latest game titled Jurassic World Evolution. it is a sci-fi dinosaur strategy simulator game where players are tasked to create dinosaur but Science, Entertainment and Security interests of the world.

In the Jurassic World Evolution, players need to maintain their island and increase its ratings. but you also need to keep progressing through the game by completing different missions. below you will find a guide on how to unlock them.

Guide On How To Unlock More Missions In Jurassic World Evolution

There are many different types of missions available in the game and it varies across all the different islands.

Each island has three big unique missions which contain multiple different small objectives in them which needs to be completed.

Just remember that Missions and contracts are not the same things. you can gain contracts from the three division Science, Security, and Entertainment. completing contracts will reward you with money and more new unlocked features.

But Missions are bigger than contracts and can be time taking and tedious. each island contains three missions from the three division. once you complete all the three mission you will be able to unlock more missions.

To check the status of missions go to island management menu and then select reputation. there you will be able to see if you have completed a mission or not. if the mission is not available raise the reputation in that particular division until the mission unlocks. you will notice an icon which tells what reputation is required for each mission in a division.

So basically improve reputation in a division to unlock mission then complete it. you will need to complete all three mission on an island to unlock more new mission for the later islands.

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