Jurassic World Evolution – Guide On How To Sell Dinosaurs

Jurassic World Evolution

Developer and Publisher Frontier Developments have released their new latest game titled Jurassic World Evolution. it is a sci-fi dinosaur strategy simulator game where players are tasked to create dinosaur but Science, Entertainment and Security interests of the world.

In the Jurassic World Evolution, players need to maintain their island and increase its ratings. you will be involved in creating new Dinosaurs for your park but at some point in the game, you will need to sell them. below you find a guide on how to do it.

Guide On How To Sell Dinosaurs In Jurassic World Evolution

Your main objective in the game is to fill the park with as many Dinosaurs possible but it can be costly and a very tedious process which will involve multiple steps.

Once you have the Dinosaurs in the pen you will need to observe them so that they don’t cause problems for other Dinosaurs and Humans. but if a Dinosaur is creating problems and you are unable to solve it. then it would be better if you sell it.

But before you decide to sell them you need to note few points unless you get a contract, or if one of Dinosaur is causing constant trouble, or if you don’t have space in the pen, you should never sell the Dinosaur as the price for incubating and creating a Dinosaur is way higher then the price you get for selling them.

Also, the main source of income of your park comes from the exhibition of the rare and unique Bioengineered Dinosaurs so take your decision wisely.

How To Sell a Dinosaur – now as you have warned about the downside of selling the Dinosaur. you can follow the steps below to sell them.

  • First, you need to get yourself an ACU station, this station consists of the Helicopter team and the transport team.
  • Then you need to sedate the Dinosaur with Tranquilizer. to do it select the ACU, set new task and click on the Dinosaur you want to sedate.
  • Once the Dinosaur is sedated select the Transport option from ACU. a helicopter will come and pick the Dinosaur.
  • Once the Dinosaur is hanging from Helicopter select the sell option from the bottom screen and you will receive a prompt giving you the details on how much you are going to earn. you need to confirm it.

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