Jurassic World Evolution – Guide On How To Increase Dinosaurs Comfort

Jurassic World Evolution

Developer and Publisher Frontier Developments have released their new latest game titled Jurassic World Evolution. it is a sci-fi dinosaur strategy simulator game where players are tasked to create dinosaur but Science, Entertainment and Security interests of the world.

In the Jurassic World Evolution, players need to maintain their island and increase its ratings. but while progressing through the game you also need to take care of every Dinosaur. below you will find a guide on how to increase the comfort of Dinosaurs.

Guide On How To Increase Dinosaurs Comfort In Jurassic World Evolution

As the manager of the Bioengineered Dinosaur park, you are responsible for the well being of all of them. this means you need to take care of their food, water, biome, and water.

Every dinosaur has a comfort level which you can check out by clicking on the dinosaur and checking the status. there you will find eight different stats each of them affecting the comfort level of the Dinosaur. if the comfort level is low then it can cause distress and it might cause trouble.

Health – there are many different ways a Dinosaur can lose health. it might be suffering from lack of food and water, it might be sick or it might have been attacked by other Dinosaur. to heal it just take the ranger vehicle and heal it using the dart. after healing make sure it has sufficient food and water also try to reduce the fight in pen.

Food – the food stat is another factor which influences the comfort in a pen. if the food bar is low then it means either you have the wrong feeder installed or there are very few feeders which is causing overcrowding so just install more feeders.

Water – the water is another resource which the Dinosaur need if there are no water bodies in the pen. then use the terraforming tool from the menu to add water. you will also encounter a situation where despite water the stat is going doing, this situation comes when the water is sedated.

Grassland – different Dinosaur prefer different types of the surrounding. if the grassland meter is low then reduce the forest land and water or you can increase the size of the pen.

Forest – just like grassland some dinosaur forest lands. if the forest meter is low then reduce the grassland and water or you can increase the size of the pen.

Population – different dinosaur have a different tolerance level for other dinosaurs near them. herbivore or herd dinosaurs have a higher tolerance and can easily live with others. but dinosaurs which have low tolerance mostly carnivores do not prefer crowded place.

So if a Dinosaur is not friendly and has low population tolerance then you need to keep it in a separate pen or just sell them.

Social – this stats represent the how social the dinosaur is to other dinosaurs of the same species.

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