Jurassic World Evolution – Guide On How To Pick And Move Dinosaurs

Jurassic World Evolution

Developer and Publisher Frontier Developments have released their new latest game titled Jurassic World Evolution. it is a sci-fi dinosaur strategy simulator game where players are tasked to create dinosaur but Science, Entertainment and Security interests of the world.

In the game, players will have to take care and observe all the Dinosaurs so that they don’t cause any problem in the island for this you need to learn some basic control. one mechanics which players need to learn is how to Pick and Move a Dinosaur from one place to another which you can learn below.

Guide On How To Pick And Move Dinosaurs In Jurassic World Evolution

The new Jurassic game is a tycoon world where players can build their own Dinosaur empire. you will need to manage every facility, building and keep control of all the Bioengineered Dinosaur and their well being.

As the Dinosaurs have their own mind and react differently in different situations you will sometimes find yourself in unusual situations in which you may be forced to move an animal from one place to another.

Some Dinosaurs will die in the enclosure and so you need to remove it to prevent any sort of diseases, some Dinosaurs will be stressed in a certain location and some Dinosaurs will just escape and cause chaos. in all such conditions, you need to pick them up and move them.

The only problem is that the game does not give clear instructions on how to do it. but is very simple and very easy to execute.

How To Pick Up and Move – to move a dinosaur you need to construct the ACU. it is a building which gives you the helicopter which contains tranquilizer to catch dinosaurs.

To pick up simply select the ACU building and you will see two teams ACU Helicopter and Transport Teams. select the transport teams and then select the dinosaur you want to move and finally move them where you want or you can just use the transport team to sell them offshore.

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