Jurassic World Evolution – Guide On How To Increase Island Rating

Jurassic World Evolution

Developer and Publisher Frontier Developments have released their new latest game titled Jurassic World Evolution. it is a sci-fi dinosaur strategy simulator game where players are tasked to create dinosaur but Science, Entertainment and Security interests of the world.

In the Jurassic World Evolution, players need to maintain their island so that it rating increases and you can unlock more new features and also earn more money from it. below you will find a guide so you can manage the Island rating.

Guide On How To Increase Island Rating In Jurassic World Evolution

In the new Jurassic game are tasked to manage the Island, tourists, and the bioengineered Dinosaurs. but the way you manage all of them depends a lot and it will affect the Island Rating.

The island that you manage will have Island rating which determines the profits you make from the island. it also helps you unlock more new features, equipments, and tools to progress through the game.

Factors affecting Island Rating – there are two main factors which affect the island rating. the first is Dinosaur Rating and second is Facility Rating. each rating is affected by different aspects of the game like safety, the number of dinosaurs, welfare and more.

How to increase Dinosaur Rating – to increase the dinosaur rating you need to complete some requirements like variety, number and living condition.

  • Quantity – you should have sufficient number of Dinosaur. to increase this aspect keep adding Dinosaur until you get the maximum rating for a particular area.
  • Variety – you should have a variety of Dinosaurs in a particular area. to increase this aspect add 2 Dinosaur of a particular type and then change to other species.
  • Welfare –¬† this aspect controls the quality of life a Dinosaur is living in. to increase it check the comfort level if it is low then you can try adding more foliage, increasing the enclosure size and adding a partner. remember that some dinosaurs are aggressive and some are passive this can cause distress among them so be careful.

How to increase Facility Rating – to increase the Facility rating you need to complete some requirements like capacity, safety, and satisfaction.

  • Safety – all you need to do maintain proper safety on the island but remember as you progress the security standard will increase and you will have to construct advance options like¬†electrified fences, emergency bunkers, storm protection and more.
  • Capacity – this aspect is easy to maintain all you have to do is keep monitoring the tourists and if it is getting overcrowded then build more Hotels.
  • Satisfaction – to increase it you need to make restaurants and gift shops. if these shops are getting overcrowded then build more of them so you can accommodate more people. also, keep checking the prices and control them to satisfy the customers.

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