Vampyr – Locations Of All Braille Note For Occult Oculus Investigation


Developer DONTNOD Entertainment and Publisher Focus Home Interactive have released their new latest game titled Vampyr. it is an open world RPG game where players play as Dr. Jonathan Reid in fictional 1918 London as a vampire.

In Vampyr players will be able to take part in different types of side mission which involves rescuing, killing and investigating. in one side quest named Occult Oculus players need to find four braille below is a guide for locations of all of them.

Locations Of All Braille Note For Occult Oculus Investigation In Vampyr

There are many different investigations in the game which players can complete to unlock more new hints and achievements. most of them can be completed by searching for clues in the marked area.

But there are some investigations which are very different from others. one of them is the Occult Oculus which does not show any marked clues which makes it quite difficult and tedious to complete. in this particular investigation, you need to find four braille documents you will find all of them below.

Braille #1 – to get this braille go to the White Chapel from the hospital and as you enter the Chapel go right and you will find a building in the courtyard just outside the secret Priwen Command Post. enter the building and go upstairs and you will the braille note on the bed.

Braille #2 – to get this braille go to the waterway just south from Stonebridge Cemetery and enter the sewer and proceed till you reach the tunnel. in the tunnel, you will find a broken wall. you will get the braille in the corner of the room.

Braille #3 – to get this braille go to the west end and in the mall like area with a glass roof. then proceed to go to the second floor from there you can enter the clothing shop and unlock the locked door on the ground floor. once you enter the ground floor look for a Priwen corpse in the corner and you will get the Braille.

Braille #4 – to get this braille go through the bridge and proceed towards the east of Turquoise Turtle Pub located in the Docks area. on your way look for an old house with no resident. there you will find a corpse in the corner with the braille note near it.

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