Destiny 2 – Guide On How To Earn Renown Easily

Destiny 2

Publisher Activision and Developer Bungie have added more new content for their game Destiny 2 and with it comes tons of new events, mission, challenges, and of course the opportunity to unlock more new items.

In the new Destiny 2 update, players will encounter different changes in the game which is certainly going to affect your playstyle. they have added a new mechanic called Renown, below you will be able to learn more about them.

Guide On How To Earn Renown Easily In Destiny 2

The devs of the game have added a new update and the players have jumped into the action. there have been several changes and one of the most notable things is the way that players earn tokens to give various faction representatives.

A new mechanic called the Renown has been added which increase the rewards players receive in the game. as it is new to the game it can get a bit confusing. so below you will find full details on what are those and how are you can earn them.

What Are Renown – The new Renown mechanics adds a bar at the bottom right corner of the screen which contains five dots on them. players need to earn renown and fill the bar and when that happens the rewards from the chest at the end of a lost sector will be increased.

The rewards will give Guardians 10 faction tokens which can be converted into faction rewards and faction reputation.

But there are some conditions which the Guardians need to fulfill. they need to earn five Renown and complete a lost sector without dying. if the player dies they will lose one point of Renown. also using fast traveling removes all Renown so be careful.

How To Earn Renown – there are some activities and events which players can complete to earn them. different events award players with different amount of Renown. below you will find all of them.

  • Eliminating a World Boss – 1 Renown
  • Heroic Public Event – 3 Renown
  • Patrol Activity – 1 Renown

To make your earning run more effective and less punishing wear the complete set of faction armor. this will automatically reward you with one Renown whenever you complete any activity. this means at the end of the run you will max out the bar and you will have 6 Renown. so even if you die once your bar will still remain filled and you will get the 10 tokens.

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