Pokemon Quest – Guide To All Special Recipes And Ingredients

Pokemon Quest

Developer Game Freak and Publisher Nintendo have released their new latest game tilted Pokemon Quest. it is an action adventure game players need to set up camp and then cook different recipes to attract pokemon.

In Pokemon Quest, there are many different types of recipes each having different luring abilities to catch different pokemon. but each recipe has a special version and requires a certain combination of items. so below you will find a guide to all the special recipes and ingredients.

Guide To All Special Recipes And Ingredients In Pokemon Quest

There are plenty of recipes in the game which attracts different kinds of pokemon but each recipe has two versions, the normal recipe attracts basic Pokemon and special recipe attracts rarer pokemon.

Each recipe in the game has a quality to it and it is determined by the number of specific ingredients you are adding in the pot. also, the quality of the pot affects the quality of food. you can unlock higher quality pot as you progress through the game.

Special Quality recipes will help you attract and catch rare and more powerful Pokemon and fill up the Pokedex. below you will find special recipe arranged in alphabetical order.

Ambrosia of Legends Special – Rare/Legendary Pokemon

  • 5 Mystic Shells – Mewtwo
  • 4 Mystic Shells + any ingredients – for any rare/legendary pokemon

Blue Soda A La Cube Special – Blue Pokemon

  • 5x Icy Rocks

Brain Food A La Cube Special – Psychic Pokemon

  • 1 Apricorn + 1 Bluk Berry + 1 Icy Rock + 2 Honey

Get Swole A La Cube Special – Fighting Pokemon

  • 1 Bluk Berries + 1 Balm Mushroom + 1 Tiny Mushroom +  2 Honey

Gray Porridge A La Cube Special – Grey Pokemon

  • 1 Big Root + 4 Balm

Honey Nectar A La Cube Special – Bug Pokemon

  • 1x Bluk Berry + 1 Rainbow Matter + 3 Honey

Hot Pot A La Cube Special – Fire Pokemon

  • 2 Big Root + 3 Balm Mushroom

Light As Air A La Cube Special – Flying Pokemon

  • 2 Big Roots + 3 Icy Rocks

Mouth-Watering Dip A La Cube Special – Water Pokemon

  • 1x Icy Rock, 2x Berries, 2x Honey

Mud Pie A La Cube Special – Ground Pokemon

  • 2x Icy Rocks + 3 Big Roots

Plain Crepe A La Cube Special – Normal Pokemon

  • 2 Balm Mushrooms + 3 Honey

Red Stew A La Cube A La Cube Special – Red Pokemon

  • 5x Big Roots

Sludge Soup A La Cube A La Cube Special – Poison Pokemon

  • 1 Tiny Mushroom + 1 Rainbow Matter + 3 Balm Mushroom

Stone Soup A La Cube  Special – Rock Pokemon

  • , 1x Fossil + 1 Rainbow Matter + 3 Icy Rocks

Veggie Smoothie A La Cube Special – Grass Pokemon

  • 2 Apricorns + 3 Big Roots

Watt A Risotto A La Cube Special – Electric Pokemon

  • 1 Big Root + 1 Icy Rock + 3 Honey

Yellow Curry A La Cube Special – Yellow Pokemon

  • 1 Big Root + 4 Honey

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