Vampyr – Guide On How To Level Up And Upgrade Skills


Developer DONTNOD Entertainment and Publisher Focus Home Interactive have released their new latest game titled Vampyr. it is an open world RPG game where players play as Dr. Jonathan Reid in fictional 1918 London as a vampire.

In Vampyr players will face different kinds of enemies, as you progress in the game enemies will keep getting stronger, to deal with them you need to level and unlock new skills. below you will find a guide on how to level up and unlock new abilities.

Guide On How To Level Up And Upgrade Skills In Vampyr

As the game begins you as Dr. Reid will soon realize that you are a vampire in the game. as a supernatural being, you will obtain immortality and new abilities.

In the game, you will find a skill tree which will have different active and passive abilities. players are free to choose whatever skill they want and develop their character however they want. upgrading skills will directly improve Reid and will increase the survival chance in the hostile world.

To unlock new skills and upgrade them, you will need to level up your character which can only be done by earning experience points. there are different ways to earn XP. you can either complete quests or embrace the citizen.

Once you have earned enough experience points head toward the nearest hideout. these hideouts help the character rest, craft new items, level up and do more. there are many different hideouts in the game. but the one place which is the easiest to reach and available from the beginning of the gameplay is the Pembroke Hospital.

In the hideout, first look for a bed and then interact with it. this will cause a menu to appear which will display all available skills and abilities. in this particular menu, you can unlock new skills and also upgrade them to make it more powerful.

You can view the description of the ability and also their respective skill tree. highlighting a skill also shows the amount of XP required. once you have selected the skill you want just press and hold the skill to unlock it and then hold Confirm button on the skill menu to confirm your upgrades.

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