Vampyr – Guide On How To Earn More Experience Points


Developer DONTNOD Entertainment and Publisher Focus Home Interactive have released their new latest game titled Vampyr. it is an open world RPG game where players play as Dr. Jonathan Reid in fictional 1918 London as a vampire.

In Vampyr players can level up Dr. Reid and unlock new skills and stats. but to unlock them you will need to earn experience points which can become confusing and tedious. below you will find a guide on how to earn them easily.

Guide On How To Earn More Experience Points In Vampyr

To increase the power and unlock new abilities players need to earn experience points. but earning them is not that simple and if you are not careful about your decisions. it might lead to a drastic situation and consequences.

There are several ways players can XP in the game. some involve simply progressing the story and some involve hunting down citizen of London. you will have detailed guide about all of them below.

Sucking Blood From Citizens – this will be your main method of collecting XP in the game. you can mesmerize and then embrace a citizen to drain their blood and also earn XP. but the only problem is that they die and this affects the story. if you go on a killing spree to farm XP it will have its consequences and also affect the nearby area.

To make a better decision on whether to embrace a citizen or not. go to the citizen menu this will display the blood quality of different people and also the amount of XP you can earn from them. this will help you decide whether it is worth killing them or not. also with the citizen menu, you can identify well-known citizen of the district, you should avoid killing them as it will quickly effect the whole area.

Farming Hints – embracing citizen will give you maximum XP but you can increase it by farming hints about a citizen. as you progress in the game you will get new hints about different citizens with every hint their blood quality improves and increases the XP reward.

Complete Quests – you can also earn XP by completing different quests in the game. completing local investigations and completing main quests will reward players with a small amount of XP which is certainly not enough to level up or unlock new skills.


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